How to Pay off Debt and Save Money at the Same Time

December 28, 2019 Finance

Pay off Debt and Save Money | Save Money Tips

Paying your debt off is a pain in the neck. There are many among you who have to go through a lot under the grind because things are not planned the way they should be. How about a planner that lets you pay off a loan you have taken payday loans for example, and entitles you to make some significant savings at the same time. Here’s a quick check on some ideas which you can implement in real-time to pay your debt off sans putting any big dent in your wallet.

Budgeting Skills

Budgeting skills would be a must if you have to manage your funds with some upward growth and get your debts like payday loans in Australia mitigated or repaid. You will need to use your budgeting skills while looking after crucial nitty-gritty such as groceries, shopping of essential commodities, etc. The much talked about 50%-20%&30% ratio can be exercised. You can choose to spend 50% of the funds accrued in a month on the most essential items. 20% of it can be spent on long term investments. The rest 30% can be used for non-essentials and other necessities.

Segregation of a Savings Fund for Emergency

It's equally important for you to create a specific fund that you can use in times of emergency. You can also use it when you need quick funds to repay your instant loans. This habit would make it sure that you are able to set a proper deadline for the repayment of the debt. 

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Resort to Cost Cutting Methods in Your Personal Life

If it is crucial to save some money and at the same time pay off debts, it's more important to establish a balance in your personal lifestyle through some cost-cutting methods.

It's OK to spend on necessary utilities, but cutting costs on luxuries would be an important step towards saving a significant chunk of money for your future needs.

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Avail public transport

Another way of cutting down the ongoing cost factors and saving some money or fund for your family is by switching to public transport systems instead of going for pricey cars. By refraining from a costly car service, you will be able to save a significant amount each month and later on, you can use the fund to reimburse the cash advance which you have taken from a lender. 

Avoid going to restaurants too many times

Eating out could, at times, prove to be a real costly habit on your part, especially when you are already under the burden of a loan amount that needs to be repaid soon. 


Being in the midst of a loan situation, the first thing you should do is Opting out of the habit of going outside to dine. It's pretty expensive and can worsen your debt condition. So, be wary of the habit and try to restrain your wish to dine out often.


If you care to give attention to the points expounded here, it will be easier for you to pay off your debt in due course of time. What's more, you will be able to save a significant portion of money sidestepping your problems. For more updates and news of important facets related to cash advance facilities, you should be looking at our posts on a regular basis. Stay updated and stay ahead.

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