10 Best Long Term Investment Options in Australia

December 3, 2019 Save Money

Investment Options In Australia | Investment Options

Had your poor financial investment decisions made you opt for instant payday loans and now you are looking for good investment options? Well, then here are the ten best long term investment options that can put a stop to all your search for finest investment ideas and can prevent you from counting on payday loans in Australia for dealing with a financial crisis.

1.Term deposits

In term deposits, money is deposited and left for a certain period to earn interest over time that you can use to pay your dues of instant payday loans. The minimum amount for investing in TDs varies from bank to bank. The more money you will deposit and the longer you will leave it in the TD account the higher will get the rate of interest.

2.Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are risk-free and reliable investment options that help you earn interest for the money you deposit and keep in your savings accounts. Unlike many investment options, where withdrawing money anytime isn’t possible, in savings accounts you can withdraw money anytime, even for paying your payday loans.


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 3.Fixed Income Investments

Compared to various other types of investment options, fixed deposits are less risky and come with regular payments of interest which helps in repaying amounts borrowed as a cash advance. It is mostly preferred by senior citizens and people above 60 years as FDs come with guaranteed maturity return and zero investment risks.


A 2017 study performed by ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) shows that shares were the most popular long-term investment choice among the Australians. Hence, even with the help of payday loans in Australia investing in equities can be a wise decision.


Purchasing shares in international or Australian companies with the help of instant payday loans and selling them when they grow in value gives you a portion of the company’s profits, of which you’re a shareholder. A 2017 ASX study also shows that men are more likely to invest in stocks which is almost 44% than women i.e. only 31% who directly invest in stocks.


Do you want to avoid a financial crisis and opting for payday loans in Australia in future when you grow old and will be out of a job? Well, then superannuation is your solution as it is for employees where regular payment is deposited in a fund as a future pension. 

If you’re employed, the sooner you start investing in superannuation the better it is. Investing in superannuation at the beginning of your career when you’re only in your 20s or 30s, and capable of paying back a cash advance easily, can prove to be more beneficial than investing in it when you’re in your 50s or 60s and nearing retirement.

6.Managed Funds

In managed funds or indexed funds, an investment manager sells and buys shares and various other assets on your behalf to ensure that you enjoy great returns which can be used for paying back instant payday loans. The minimum requirement for investing in managed funds ranges from $1000 to $5000.

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Young people may find difficult but, investing in properties can be a fantastic way of growing your wealth by either renting the property out or by waiting for its value to increase and then sell it. A 2011 Census Data and RP Data show that almost 7.9% of total Australians (around 1,764,924) invest in properties or own investment properties. However, it’s never suggested to invest in properties by opting for payday loans in Australia since you’ll need to manage the debts for purchasing a property for the next 30 years.


Investing in commodities like gold, platinum, livestock, agricultural items, energy sources like gasoline, crude oil etc., using instant payday loans, can be a great long term way of building wealth. However, since the value of commodities revolves around the global demand and supply trend; hence you need to research well before investing. Though there’s always cash advance to help you deal with sudden financial emergencies.


Research shows that the alternative finance market in Australia has witnessed almost 53% of growth in just 12 months to the end of 2017. Being an emerging trend for long term investment, investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple with the help payday loans, can be a great financial decision if you can buy and sell them at the right time to ensure maximum profit.

10.P2P Lending

A bit similar to instant payday loans, P2P or Peer to Peer-to-Peer lending is another recently popular long-term investment option, where investing as a lender can prove to be extremely beneficial. Here, you can decide the rate of interest and the time for which you want to lend the money to a borrower. Unlike payday loans that come under a bank or company or agency name, P2P lending is funded by individuals.

Remember, long term investments are nothing like taking short-term financial decisions or a loan like a cash advance. Long term investment decisions should only be taken with proper research to ensure the expected growth of your wealth.

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