In order to finalise your loan application, we are required by law to review your last 90 days bank statement. This can be done automatically through a secure Credit Sense link that will be sent to you after we received confirmation from you on your loan application form.

Credit Sense is an Australian company based in Brisbane that assists credit providers to comply with their obligations to their customers under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

It obtains and categorizes consumer’s bank account transactions and provides an easy to read report for their potential credit provider.

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No. You will download your bank statement transactions using Credit Sense.
We access your bank statement transactions through internet banking. You will be required to enter your surname or the application number your credit provider will give you, choose your bank, enter your internet banking user ID and password and we will download the transaction history that your credit provider requires.
We do not keep your internet banking user ID or password. Your user ID and password is encrypted when you enter it, passed to your bank once to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. If you need to use us again, you will need to re-enter your user ID and password.
Your transaction history is encrypted whilst with us and delivered to your credit provider using secure protocols.
There is no need to worry, your user ID and password are encrypted as you enter them, once your transaction history has been obtained it is also encrypted and your user ID and password are permanently deleted. If you are still concerned, you could simply change your internet banking password after using our service.
No. Only the credit provider who orders the assessment can obtain a copy of the assessment. Because we don’t maintain any identifiable information about you we cannot independently identify your assessment to provide it to other credit providers. This also ensures that your credit provider gets the most accurate and up to date information available.
None. We only need your surname or application number your credit provider will give you, the name of your bank and your user ID and password to complete the assessment.
If you would like a copy of the assessment you should approach your credit provider. We cannot independantly identify individuals (you do not supply your full name or any other identifying information to us) so we could not accurately identify which assessment is yours. Assessments are not provided to anyone other than the credit provider who has ordered it.

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