Personal Loans

  • Applying for and taking a loan

 It is important to ensure you are applying for a loan that is suitable to your situation and that you choose the right loan with the right options for you.

 The terms and conditions of each loan are such that it provides flexibility in repayments because you can make larger or smaller payments to suit your situation (subject to a minimum payment specified in the contract).

 If you are seeking to take and repay a loan in the very short term, there may be other products available in the market which may be cheaper, but they do not provide the flexibility of a loan with us or our Affiliated Lenders.


  • Loan repayments

 In consultation with you, your Credit Consultant will calculate a suitable loan repayment amount as part of the credit assessment process and from this the repayment schedule will be established for your loan.

 You can change your repayment amount prior to funding or during the term of the loan.

How much will my loan cost me?

  • Consider the Total Cost of Credit

 In addition to making sure that the repayments are affordable, consumers should understand the Total Cost of Credit prior to taking a loan.

The total cost of credit is the combination of the interest rate, establishment fee and other “ascertainable fees”. Like most loans, the total cost is not just the stated interest rate, but the stated interest rate plus any compulsory fees.

On the range of personal loan sizes offered by our Affiliated Lenders, the loan establishment fee and interest rate varies depending on the loan amount you borrow and your Credit Consultant will discuss this with you prior to finalising your loan approval.

If you are unsure about the total cost of credit please discuss this with your Credit Consultant.


What can I use a personal loan for?

A personal loan can be used for a wide range of purposes from consolidating debts, paying bills, buying a new car, or taking that dream holiday. We understand these things can happen by surprise or need to happen quickly, so we act to ensure that your application is processed fast and you can rely on our Affiliated Lenders to help you quickly with your loan.

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  • Flexible repayment terms designed to suit your individual circumstances

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